Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Slate Real Estate
Published on February 13, 2020

Did you miss your opportunity to book something for Valentine’s day? Is that special someone going to be upset….well we have the tips to make it right! 

Instead of going out Valentine’s day, how about cooking a special meal for that special someone? Skip the prefixed $100+ per person meal and create a special evening at your home. Fill your home with flowers and create that special evening where you both are comfortable and a bonus-  you don’t need to worry about having a driver. Drink and enjoy the comfort of your own home.

Click here are romantic recipes to make for the one you love

Here is a recipe where you can cook together, which is always fun

And of course you can’t forget dessert here.

If you do want to go out, I suggest taking your significant other out the day before or the day after Valentine’s Day. Having been in the hospitality background, I know Valentine’s Day to the staff and kitchen crew is always stressful. Being able to go the night before or after could potentially allow you to receive a little more service and attention, which I always enjoy at a nice dinner. 

Remember it is not how much you spend it is all about the effort. Showing up and having something little, even just a card is a nice gesture. Something I do during the holidays is I leave a gift in my car. I never want the other person to feel horrible if I brought them something but they didn’t bring anything for me. So when I go to the restaurant, home, bar wherever I leave the gift in the car. If they have something I apologize and say oh I left mine in the car and excuse myself and grab it. But the trick is the card must already have their name on it and be personalized to them because it is truly meant for them. 

I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s day whatever your situation is- single or coupled. You deserve the best and if you are alone, pop on one of your favorite movies or that Netflix series you have been binging and enjoy. I also used to always get myself something little if I was single or not so it is a fun excuse to celebrate yourself too. Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

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